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Home Refinance
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Refinancing a home is not simply about rates. While rates are important, they are just one component of the right loan. Refinancing is about finding the best loan for your current and future plans. These are a few of the questions you should be asking yourself before you decide on a new home loan:

» How long do you plan on being in your home?
» When will you break even from your refinance?
» Are lower payments or lower rates more important to you?
» What are your short and long term financial goals?
» Are you paying minimum payments on high interest credit cards?
» Will a change in job status affect your income in the future?
» What do you plan on doing with the money you save each month?

Loan Options

✓  Conforming - The most basic loan option, typically offering the best loan terms  
✓  FHA - Low down payment and flexible mortgage guidelines.
✓  VA - Mortgages for those who have served and are currently serving this great nation of ours.
✓  Jumbo - For loan amounts higher than conforming limits and up to $3 million
✓  USDA - Mortgage assistance for borrowers in rural areas

For more information on any of our loan programs or any other topic not covered on this website, please don't hesitate to call or contact me through this form.

What others are saying about Simplify Mortgage:

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"John helped us through a difficult long distance close. His communication and follow-up were fantastic. He was available at all times to answer questions and guide us through the process. John is thorough, honest and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend him."
- Jeff L
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"I found John to be extremely responsive. He was direct and always gave us an honest assessment of where we stood and what we could expect. We are glad to have found him and wouldn't hesitate to use him for all of our home buying needs."
- Julia C

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