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Click the button above to answer a few short questions to get today's interest rates and fees specifically tailored to your unique situation. No social security number or credit card is required. Most quotes are provided within 1 hour.

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Figures in green represent a credit to the borrower from the lender.

Figures in red represent discount points paid by the borrower to lower the interest rate.

Lower Rates in Any Market.

Whether rates are historically high or low, Simplify Mortgage offers loans that are consistently lower than other lenders.
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Why do I have to complete a form for accurate results?

Many factors impact the interest rates and fees you qualify for and if you aren't providing accurate details, the rates you are seeing are simply not accurate.

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These questions will affect which rates and fees you'll qualify for:

  What is your estimated credit score?
  Are you buying or refinancing a home?
  If refinancing, is it a rate & term or cash-out?
  Is it a primary, second or investment home?
  What type of home is it?
  What is the proposed loan size?
  What is the value of the home?
  What loan type are you interested in?
  How long do you plan on staying in the home?
  Will you include the taxes and insurance?

My rates are competitive and, equally as important, I'll help you find the right loan to meet your needs and goals. Just complete the form above or call to get a rate quote today!

What others are saying about Simplify Mortgage:

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"I have been working with John ever since I started looking for a house. He has been a guiding light in getting to know the Home Mortgage system. As a friend, he guided me to ask questions to other lenders and gave the same information from his side compared everything and always guided me towards the right decision. He is my go to guy for all Home Mortgage needs and questions I ever have. Thank you so much John"
- Shantanu K
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"John made the process as simple as possible and completely seamless! He was proactive throughout, and this was by far the easiest loan process I have ever completed."
- Andy M

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